Alive Again

A New Hope

Summer Day 1

We joined the story of four renowned heroes of the great land of Meldir:
Malygos, a dragonborn fighter who left home in search of a mythical axe
Pablo Carlos, a halfling sorceror excommunicated from his people for mass manslaughter
Jamal Sunshine Blackdrops, a half-orc rogue who desires nothing more than to steal
Gimley, a dwarf invoker with no idea what he’s doing, but he’s doing it

Except, they weren’t renowned. The last thing any of them remembers was being pulled out of a dreamlike state into the world by an old man only known as “Harry”. Harry explained that he practised the dark arts of reanimation, and he took the heroes’ bodies from their centuries-old graves to reanimate them and use them to gain favour with the residents of the nearby town, Tuftell. He went on to explain that the people of Tuftell rejected Harry because of his dark arts practise, and that they had a kobold problem – something not uncommon for small towns and hamlets at the time. If the heroes could rout the nearby kobolds, and then explain it was through Harry’s unnatural life-giving gift that they were victorious, surely Harry would be accepted into the community once more.

But very shortly after Harry had explained all this, 4 chaotic, rumbling elementals ripped through the void from whence the heroes came. They were followed by a voice seemingly directed at Harry: You must return these four dark killers! The heroes plummeted into battle, and managed to overwhelm the elementals and escape.

After leaving Harry, the heroes visited Tuftell, and took in some of the local culture. Gimley tried to curry favour with some dwarves in The Pig’s Head, the local inn, but his efforts were undermined when Jamal was caught pickpocketing them in the middle of the conversation. Jamal went on to find a shady dealer of lockpicks and other thievery tools, and did business with him.

The heroes, after being appalled by the price of board at The Pig’s Head, bought tents at the local hardware shop and pitched up for the night just outside the town’s border.



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