Alive Again


Summer Day 2

Malygos had just finished packing up his tent in the morning when he heard the awful sound of bones clicking. A faint moan came from somewhere behind him and he turned to see a horde of undead skeletons and zombies shambling their way toward the tents. He let out a call and the party were out of their tents in an instant, battle-ready.

The deceased horde were no match for the party, even first thing in the morning, and they were promptly dispatched. Among the bodies were some potion recipes – and the heroes’ ancient memories were jogged. They had made potions before, but couldn’t remember any recipes. With these recipes, they should have the necessary skills to make potions again.

The party decided to take the battle to the kobolds, as their bounty was surely nearby. Following some tracks, they headed in the general direction of the kobold lair. Long story short, Gimley poked into a tree and got javelin’d by a nasty little kobold – a roaming band along the road were their next quarry. Again, the party emerged victorious, but Juan was left in a bad shape.

The party decided to continue anyway. Eventually, they faced a mountain with a cave entrance. Outside, some more kobolds were guarding the area. They were prepared for the party as one of their kind managed to escape from the previous battle to warn them. They had a priest with a runic healing circle – but after the kobolds were defeated, the party used the circle to heal themselves.

Rebuffed and confident, the party decided to continue further. Jamal stealthily scouted out the place, and they led a coordinated assault on the kobolds and rats within. The battle was long and arduous, and Juan was left in a bad shape, but eventually the party emerged victorious. Jamal was badly bitten by one of the dire rats, and contracted dire rat filth fever. Juan was left stable at 0 health with no will to go on, so after dividing the loot (including the Reeve of Tuftell’s ring), they set up tents inside the now abandoned lair for a much needed rest. That day, they had killed 18 kobolds, 2 dire rats, a swarm of rats and 10 undead. Nasty.



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