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In times of conflict, heroes arise

This is a D&D 4E game being played in Scarborough by some of the university students. All of the players are brand new into D&D*, and we’re playing almost weekly (deadlines keep getting in the way). The DM’s played a game or two before.

The setting: a medieval fantasy world, with mysterious forests, deep dungeons, roaming monsters and bandits and perhaps – on rare occasion – the sighting of a dragon. The players are introduced as being swept away from some sort of dream-like ‘perfect’ village into reality, where it is revealed that they were resurrected from death, with no memory of their previous self. Apparently they were great heroes; now, they’re level 1.

If you’re a student in Scarborough interested in D&D, send me (Ace Jon) a message. Maybe we can talk.

*One guy got half way through making a character sheet once

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